The various product in this regimen was carefully chosen and put together because of how well they work together.

The Products included in this regiment are

  • Natural Female wellness tonic
  • Yummy Lavender Brightening (Whole body mask)
  • Yummy Lavender Brightening Scrub (Whole Body Scrub)
  • Beauty Cream
  • Bright Body wash
  • Mega Nourish Face wash


  • In the morning drink 16.oz of lime water and Natural Female Wellness Tonic.

The female wellness tonic will help aid in rebuilding your reproductive system and help stabilize a heavy flowing menstrual period and comfort painful menstrual cycles.

  • Before bathing mix Yummy Lavender Brightening scrub with yummy Lavender Brightening  to scrub the face, neck and whole body and live for a few minutes

Benefits of using yummy lavender brightening whole body scrub and mask are they exfoliate, repair sun damage, clears blemishes, fade away spots, brighten uneven skin, tones and gently minimize the look of old acne scars and discoloration.

  • Then wash face with Mega Nourish face wash.

To nourish and deep cleanse without damaging the skin by getting rid of debris that can clog pores of skin which can cause premature aging.

  • Use Bright Body wash to wash whiles taking shower.

To refresh, cleanse, smooth,lighten skin and eliminate dark pigments.

  • After bathing apply Beauty cream on face and body.

To remove skin blemishes and dark spots, ultra tone brighter and brownish skin, removes acne and unpleasant mark and lightens the skin.

Twice Daily


Image shows the process of the regimen from before using regimen to after with make up on in the list picture.




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