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Enhancing Sexual drive (Libido) and Potency

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How to add flavor to your sex life.

God’s kitchen has great way to enhance sexual pleasure and potency. They are known to be aphrodisiac in nature, great in arousing sexual desire. Help circulation where sexual utility become blocked for a variety of reasons; kidney depletion, stress, fatigue.

The secret to a healthy sexual drive is when you have abundance of “Jing” energy in the kidney. Change of lifestyle and diet is great to improve the health of your kidney since the kidney is our reservoir of stored life force and vitality.

  1. Our Men booster: helps elevate mood and induce a relaxed state of mind for improved arousal of the sensual area. Great for low sex drive, promotes enhance endurance, invigorate the sexual organ ready for action and promotes sex drive in impotent men. Help reduce levels of stress hormones whiles supporting levels of key brain chemicals involved in regulating mood.

 Your sex drive is a great overall indicator of how health you are. If you are a male and you aren’t waking up with regular erections, especially if you’re a male under 30 years or above then that can be an issue. Note: Please listen to your body. Some people respond to certain supplements more than others. Look inward for answers from time to time.


How to boost your testosterone by balancing your testosterone naturally

  1. Quality sleep is 8-9 hours is essential for happy body, mind and sex drive. Sleep at eh same time each night with little lights in the room as possible. Your testosterone only produces during the night.
  2. Avoid refined sugar/white flavor or over processed food. Eat plant based diet like almond, pecan, avocado food that is rich in vitamin, B, D (like fish, eggs: Vitamin C), Kale, Flax seed, Spinach, pepper, orange, strawberries. Certain vitamins and minerals are great in the process of androgen and testosterone production.

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